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Do you think your pension is not what it should be? Do you think you were misadvised or mis-sold a financial product?

Millions were, by a range of companies and many are entitled to compensation. Were you one of them?

Greg Vaughan is a fully qualified claims specialist trusted by hundreds of happy clients – check out the Trustpilot reviews here. He can help you with pension and investment related claims.

Contact Greg for help with your FSAVC Pension Claim, Pension Transfer, Pension Mortgages, SERPs and Ill Health Annuity claims. He offers free advice and works on a no win, no fee basis in most cases. Even if your pension provider is no longer in business, a claim can still be upheld. 

Make sure your pension will provide you with the retirement you deserve

If you were advised to top-up your pension by paying FSAVCs (free-standing additional voluntary contributions) you were likely given very bad advice. You could have paid those additional contributions straight into your public sector pension scheme and built up a substantially bigger retirement fund.

Similarly, if you were advised not to join or to transfer benefits out of a public sector pension scheme, you were again badly advised. There have been two wide-ranging reviews of such advice over the past twenty years, which cost financial services companies billions of pounds in compensation.

But not everyone was included, or their case was unfairly rejected, which will likely cost them thousands of pounds a year in lost pension income.

Not many people realise that their pension fund is their largest financial asset. For many people, its value can be much greater even than their home. If you are a member of a public sector pension scheme (such as a teacher or a doctor, government employee, police, or dentist) you will be a member of the best type of scheme. Your benefits will be guaranteed and linked to your length of service and salary, rather than being at the mercy of the performance of the risky stock market, and you had the opportunity to contribute additionally (AVC) with benefits such as matching contributions. Other schemes, such as FSAVCs (Free Standing Voluntary Contributions) were not protected, had high costs, and resulted in massive underperformance and losses in the pension fund.

FSAVC pensions are where some of the most substantial losses were, and the regulator deemed them unsuitable in most cases. Greg is a specialist in pursuing these complex cases and ensuring a fair outcome for his customers. One client received over £90,000 for her mis-sold FSAVC Pension.

Personal service, expert advice

Do you think that you are a victim of financial mis-selling and have a pension claim?

Greg Vaughan Financial Services, a claims management company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, has been helping people just like you recover their financial losses for over fifteen years.

Greg has won millions of pounds in compensation for his clients, with individual wins up to £90,000. Click here to see the evidence.

Please fill out the form Greg will get in touch with you directly if you need expert advice on any of the following pensions mis-selling topics (click through to read more about each one):

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Please note, you can represent yourself or use a different firm
Making a complaint is free and you can do it yourself by contacting the firm that sold your policy. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome to your complaint, you will be able to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review the matter again for you. The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free and impartial arbitration scheme and you can read more about it at the following address:
If you decide you do not wish to represent yourself, there are a number of firms offering claims management services. You should consider which firm best suits your own requirements and circumstances.

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A “No Win, No Fee” Service

If you decide to engage Greg Vaughan Financial Services, a success fee will be payable if you are awarded compensation. This is set out in the table below. There are no upfront charges and you will not be charged if your case is unsuccessful.

Greg has helped NHS Doctors, Teachers and Public Servents with Pension claims over 2 decades. See Trustpilot Reviews here.

The fee you will be charged on successful completion of your case will be as follows:

Value of compensation awarded

Percentage fee The fee will be capped at:
£1 to £24,999 25% + VAT £5,000 + VAT
£25,000 to £49,999 20% + VAT £7,500 + VAT
£50,000 or above 15% + VAT £10,000 + VAT

Example compensation amounts can be seen on the Fees page.

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