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Pension transfers and opt-outs

Joining an employer sponsored pension scheme is the best way to save for your retirement. This is true for a number of reasons but here are just three:

1: Your employer will normally contribute to the scheme for you, on top of any money you put in yourself. This helps to build a bigger retirement fund.

2: The cost of running the scheme is usually met (or subsidized) by the employer. This allows more of each pension contribution to go directly into your retirement fund. In contrast, a personal pension plan will deduct charges from both your contributions and retirement fund, thus lowering the amount being saved in your pot.

3: If you are employed by a large company or in the public sector, the chances are your employer will operate a “defined benefit” scheme (sometimes also called a “final salary” scheme). This means that your final pension is determined by such factors as your length of service and salary. It will not depend upon the performance of the scheme’s investments, which is the case for personal pension plans. This gives you security and certainty for your retirement.

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Make sure your pension will provide you with the retirement you deserve

For these reasons alone, it is normally very bad advice for anyone to be advised to transfer their benefits out of an employer scheme into a personal pension, or to be told not to join the scheme at all.

The financial loss from transferring out, or not joining, can be very considerable and can ruin a person’s retirement.

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Pension Transfers and Opt-outs Mis-selling Checklist

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Were you advised to transfer your benefits out of an employer’s pension scheme into a personal pension?

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Were you advised to transfer your benefits into a public sector or “final salary” pension scheme?

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Were you advised to opt-out or not join an employer’s pension scheme?

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If opting-out or not joining, were you advised to start a personal pension instead?

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Have you had a complaint upheld previously about advice to transfer or opt-out of an employer’s pension scheme?

Question 6 of 6

Have you previously been compensated for transferring or opting-out or not joining an employer’s pension scheme?

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