FSAVC Claims - Phoenix Life, Royal Insurance & Pearl Assurance

Were you sold an FSAVC by one of these providers?

Our FSAVC claims with Phoenix, including Royal Insurance & Pearl Assurance

Our highest claim with Phoenix Life is £158,572

Our average claim with Phoenix Life is £29,530

If you have ever been sold an FSAVC with Phoenix Life, you could be entitled to compensation?

What is an FSAVC?

FSAVC stands for “Free-standing Additional Voluntary Contributions”. It is a private pension plan designed to top up the benefits from your employer’s pension scheme.

FSAVC policies had several major flaws including:

  1. Charges were high in order to pay the salesman’s commission and to cover the costs of administration and provide a profit to the insurer
  2. The investment performance was often very poor
  3. People sold FSAVC policies were often not told about the alternative of paying their additional pension contributions directly into their employer’s pension scheme.

Think you have been mis-sold an FSAVC

Greg can help you get the compensation that you are entitled to and only works on a “no win, no fee” basis so there will be absolutely no charge if you do not have a successful case.

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